• Member Since,March 19, 2020
  • Experience 8 - 10 Years
  • Age 33 - 37 Years
  • Current Salary($) $12 – $15 / Hour
  • Expected Salary($) $15 – $18 / Hour
  • Languages English
  • Education Levels Doctorate Degree
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I wouldlike to introduce myself and apply for any open teaching positions at your institution. With vast experience in social sciences, psychology, sociology, statistics,cognitive sciences, abnormal psychology, and counseling, I bring a wealth ofexperience to my courses for an engaging classroom experience.


Tying inmy years of teaching and training experience, I am an educator with anestablished reputation in curriculum enhancement, active course engagement, andthe integration of technology into my courses. Educationally, I have a PhD inGeneral Psychology and a MA in Human Resource Development, allowing me to applymy expertise in several areas of your institution. In addition, I have a BS inSocial Psychology with an emphasis in Abnormal Psychology. With 7 years of lawenforcement training, I bring not only experience working with offenders of thelaw, but have experience working in the social services field, curriculumdevelopment (ISD, ADDIE) and finished off my professional track by obtaining myPhD. I am an inspirational coach to students from all academic settings who maybe either be new to the college experience or need individual guidance andmentoring to become long term students.


As an instructor,I have many objectives in the course room and I strive to create relevancy ofthe course concepts to student’s professional careers, connect with students ona personal level to engage and inspire them to higher levels of achievement,and to create an innovative learning environment that exceeds institutionalobjectives. I am energized by sharing my expertise and life experiences with mystudents to help them to grasp a new concept or critically analyze newlylearned information. I am thrilled to be able to share my passion with otherprofessionals in their quest to become leaders in their respective fields.In my courses, I use anapproach of active student-centered involvement and instructor interaction thatis both inspiring and challenging to students. I am oriented toward engagingstudent on a fundamental level and look for students to use problem solving andcritical thinking skills. I apply real life examples to the concepts we coverin class and encourage my students to do the same.


I lookforward to discussing my skills, qualification and experience in detail withyou. I hope you would consider my CV and contact me for an interview. I may bereached at 509-869-4135, or by email at Thank you for yourconsideration.




Tonya Macy Lawson, PhD, MA

Enclosure:Transcripts, CV


  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology, Cognition, and Instruction
    2015 - 2019 Grand Canyon University

Work Experience

  • 06-09-2018 - Present
    Professor of Psychology