Katja Preston

EFL Manager
  • Member Since,December 11, 2020
  • Experience 16 - 20 Years
  • Age 43 - 47 Years
  • Languages English
  • Education Levels Bachelor Degree

SinceI was nine years old it has been my dream to live and work in as many countriesas possible.

Overthe last 15 years I’ve been living this dream, teaching more than 10,000 hoursof English as a Foreign Language and providing 600 hours of Teacher Training tolearners in seven countries across four continents. In 2016 I received my DELTAqualification, with the aim of moving into school management, and rapidlybecame a Senior Teacher with the British Council. 

Ihave taught all levels and ages, worked with minimal resources as well moderntechnologies, and delivered learning in diverse environments, from 24/7residential camps to the online world. From my experiences in classrooms andstaffrooms around the globe I have developed my own managerial technique:

Observe -> Collaborate -> Implement-> Reflect. 

Dueto the pandemic, I wasn’t able to take up my role as the Teaching CentreManager for St Giles Summer School in London this year.  Instead, over the last eight months I’vetaken the opportunity to attend webinars and online conferences, teachone-to-one classes using google meets, volunteer for PEAS charity by writingradio lesson scripts and study three online courses about teaching meditation,project management and online schools.   

In the coming year Iam keen to bring my energy and enthusiasm to a managerial post in a languageschool in Asia.