• Member Since,December 13, 2020
  • Experience 8 - 10 Years
  • Age 43 - 47 Years
  • Current Salary($) $18 – $25 / Hour
  • Expected Salary($) $18 – $25 / Hour
  • Languages English
  • Education Levels Bachelor Degree

Iam seeking a position as anEnglish teacherwith an institution that values encouraging both the academic and thecreative minds of students. My qualifications and tenyears of teaching experience will benefit your school. Iam currently in Phnom Penh Cambodia, but want to return to Vietnam assoon as possible.

Throughmy experience as a teacher, I have developed a passion for helpingstudents build their skills and confidence. I have developededucational materials and activities ranging from creative handoutsand brainstorming groups to challenging final exams and evaluations. I have seamlessly adjusted to an established program and curriculum,using standardized materials while adding my own creative flare tolessons. I am proficient with integrating modern technology intolessons using tools such as PowerPoint, image processing software,and the Internet. A well developed lesson plan is key to excellentteaching. An experienced teacher knows how to stay on task,adjusting the plan to incorporate teachable moments, not outlined inthe lesson plan. I have built a large repository of past lessonsallowing me to improvise when needed to meet the needs of allstudents in the class regardless of their learning pace or style. Ihave had many opportunities to improve my skills through professionaldevelopment sessions. I have been both a conductor and participantof professional development seminars.

Myvast teaching experience has made me versatile for any classroom. Iam comfortable teaching grammar, phonics, writing, and conversation. I have instructed individuals and groups ranging from young childrento adults. My approach is very proactive in building a comfortableand supportive classroom. Positive affirmations and mantras aredisplayed providing reinforcement all the time. To encourage goodbehavior, I have developed a team building points system andindividual achievement plans. I developed a card system wherechildren gain positive encouragement cards when they do positivethings. They receive recognition certificates for theirachievements. I have found this system to work very well since thechildren appreciate the recognition.

Mycredentials include a Bachelor’s Degree (Arts and Science) fromAthabasca University, a Diploma in Teachers Education from IfugaoState University, and TEFL Certificate (Honours) from OxfordSeminars. I am committed to lifelong learning and also possessdiplomas in electronics engineering and in computer repair. Ibelieve that the full spectrum of my qualifications and experiencewill be an asset to your institution. I welcome an interview todiscuss how I can assist your school in providing outstandingeducation.





  • Diploma in Teacher Education
    2013 - 2013 Ifugao State University (Republic of the Philippines)


    Childand adult teaching strategies

    Teachingstrategies for diverse groups

    Thecurriculum and education planning process

    Educationand students with special needs

    Assessmentsof student performance


    Technologyand the educational environment

  • Bachelor of General Studies (Arts and Science)
    2004 - 2007 Athabasca University

    SeniorLevel courses in statistics


    Politicaleconomy and macroeconomics


    Academicwriting and presentation skills

    Informationtechnology and programming



  • Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (honours)
    2002 - 2002 Oxford Seminars